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Vendor/Exhibitor Fair

The vendor fair is a favorite at Back to Basics! For 2021, our sustainably-focused vendor fair went virtual so you can stock up on locally grown and handmade goodies. Connect with knowledgeable people and organizations who want to help you live more sustainably. Get to know their stories through the videos below. Head over to their websites for an abundance of educational materials, services, locally made/grown goods including delicious foods, natural personal care products, handmade home decor, clothing, and more! This fair will be available through December 1, 2021.

Back to Basics 2021 Virtual Vendor Fair

Below is the list of our 2021 Back to Basics Vendors & Exhibitors. Vendors marked with an asterisk also be presented a workshop during 2021's Back to Basics.

Serenity Now Yarn & Alpaca Shop

The Serenity Now Yarn & Alpaca Shop is your new go-to shop for yarn, crafting supplies and alpaca goods! They carry yarns of all types including alpaca. You may also take classes and learn new hobbies.  The owners, Esther and Dave, live on the Alpaca farm and Esther's own handspun yarn and woven rugs are available for sale. 

Free shipping during February! See website for details.

Located in Pine River, MN 

Energy for Life Connection*

Herbal remedies to support all your physical needs: immune support, digestive health, endocrine & nervous system needs, musculoskeletal issues, anti-virals, anti-bacterials and more. Plus handcrafted lotions, salves, oils, tinctures, herbal infused vinegars & honey, dry herb teas, sweetgrass braids and sage smudge sticks. Locally sourced & organically grown ingredients, made in small batches.

Pine River Seed Library

We offer seeds free of charge to anyone who completes a membership form and lists the seeds they are borrowing. We encourage members to return seeds at the end of the season by saving some from their produce. We will be open to lend or exchange seed on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 12:00-4:00pm beginning Thursday, March 4th! We hope to see you there! 

Located in Pine River, MN

Whakima Herbals*

Stock up your herbal remedies for health and beauty, including salves, tinctures, herbal remedy kits, tallow lotion, soap nuts, and elderberry.

Based in Pequot Lakes, MN


theHERBAL Cache specializes in making all natural herbal products, such as tinctures (plant extracts), body creams, ointments, lip balms, inhalers, etc. Gift sets and monthly subscription boxes are available! Most ingredients are sustainably foraged/harvested, others are mindfully purchased. 

Guiding Spirit Journeys.png

Guiding Spirit Journeys*

A Boundary Waters Guide Service specializing in organized women’s trips and providing customized trips for any organization, small group or family. These 4-7 day adventures include group equipment, all food and instruction while on trail, along with an experienced and knowledgeable guide.

Based in Pequot Lakes, MN 

Plant Magick*

A variety of health and wellness products, handmade with organic and wildcrafted ingredients and sustainably packaged, avoiding plastics whenever possible. Body care products include chapstick, lip tints, deodorant, soap, shampoo bars, dry shampoo, facial scrubs, facial masks, facial hydrosols, facial serum, eye serum, gua sha stones, body butters & massage bars. Herbal products for more specific health and wellness concerns include herbal salves, breast balm for breast health, herbal tea blends, herbal supplements, and custom flower essence blends (therapy in a bottle). Other sustainable items include a soap holder made out of recycled wood and a metal hair pin that can replace plastic ponytail holders.

Mann Lake, Ltd.* 

Shop a wealth of beekeeping supplies, from beginners kits & protective gear to hive components & maintenance supplies. Plus, check out their bee education items and bee gifts!

Located in Hackensack, MN 


Stromberg's Chickens* 

Find all your poultry needs, including feeds, coops, supplements, waterers, incubators, books, & more! Plus, find gifts for the chicken-lover in your life or the chickens themselves!

Located in Hackensack, MN 


Get the tools you need to grow and prepare healthy foods for yourself... even on a table top in winter in Northern MN! Take a look at their GardenStream table top gardening kits for herbs and microgreens and their hydroponic kits!

Located in Bemidji, MN


Pine River Watershed Alliance & Crow Wing Soil & Water Conservation District*

The PRWA & CW SWCD Team up to promote good stewardship practices for a variety of landowners including farmers, gardeners, shoreline owners, ranchers and everyday citizens looking to protect water quality. The CW SWCD offers CW County Plat Books & Native (to our region) Seeds all year. Pre-orders are taken Jan-Feb for Native Plants, Shrubs & Trees for pick-up in May.

Located in Pine River, MN & Brainerd, MN

Boreal Bliss Yoga Retreats &

Northern Yoga & Wellness*

Boreal Bliss Yoga Retreats creates inclusive space for yoga lovers to retreat into the wilderness of northern Minnesota. In addition to our in-person opportunities, Boreal Bliss is now brining you virtual opportunities to connect to your yoga practice and the great outdoors! On-demand virtual yoga packages to support your health and wellness are available now: The Fireside Series and The Lakeside Series are our exciting new offerings!

Based in Longville, MN 

Rad Tangibles

We have reusable alternatives to paper products that fill up our landfills, empty our pockets, and cause us to be unnecessarily reliant on products we can't wash and use again! We have UnPaper Towels, UnPaper Toilet Paper, and ReUsable Cotton Rounds, as well as hand dyed dish towels and multi-purpose cloths/blankets.

Based in Breezy Point, MN 

WinkelmanSolar LLC*

We are solar architects, which means that we design the projects for our customers. Using state of the art software and 40 years experience, we create "shovel ready" projects, getting bids from several good installers.

Based in Brainerd, MN 

hug hydronics.png

HUG Hydronics 

The HUG Hydronics System (designed by Hunt Utilities Group) is the most novel solution for in-floor heating. Simple to install and maintain, flexible to work with different heat and power sources, and safer than regular hydronics systems, the HUG Hydronics System is a sure way to a cozy, warm winter.

Located in Pine River, MN 

Kowalzek Salves

We sell bee's wax based personal care products that are environmentally friendly and sustainable. Products include salves, natural deodorant, honey products, and candles.

Based in Browerville, MN 

Thermography of Minnesota

Digital infrared technology is used to assess disease, pain, or abnormalities in the body. Thermography is useful in pinpointing the exact origin of pain. Thermography can be used to evaluate the thyroid and as a risk assessment tool for breast cancer. Digital thermography is safe, uses no radiation or touching, to image the breast, or the body. Please visit our website for more information.

Located in Pequot Lakes, MN 


Wellness in the Woods

Wellness in the Woods offers virtual and telephone peer support services to individuals across Minnesota who are struggling with challenging emotions. Evening and night time support is offered via text and telephone and daytime support is offered through zoom at the Virtual peer support network. All staff is individuals who live in recovery and have a lived mental health experience.

Located in Eagle Bend, MN 

Sprout MN 

Sprout's products and services included hyperlocal CSA shares, retail and wholesale accounts, commercial kitchen and storage rental, and entrepreneurship guidance. 

Sprout’s mission is to connect and strengthen the local food system as a regional asset which contributes to a vibrant and resilient Central Minnesota. We work to increase healthy food access, encourage entrepreneurship, and cultivate creativity. Through buying from Sprout, you are supporting local growers, sustainable products, food distribution equity and an environmentally sound and economically fair and healthy society.

Located in Little Falls, MN 

peaceful living.png
thrifty living.png

Peaceful Living & Thrifty Living 

Peaceful Living is a unique shop located inside Thrifty Living in Pine River. Specializing in handcrafted gemstone jewelry infused with Reiki energy of love and light. Beautiful crystals and gemstones for décor or meditation. New online store opening soon!! 

Thrifty Living is 11 years strong in providing thrift seekers their perfect find, recycling old items and paying it forward in times of need.

Located in Pine River, MN 


Chinese Herbs & Acupuncture LLC

Sustain or improve your health by utilizing an age old medical approach referred to as traditional Chinese Medicine as an alternative approach to anxiety, chronic pain and more through acupuncture, cupping, massage, diet therapy, moxa and herbs.
Acupuncture needles are placed in specific points on the body or the ear. Cupping uses glass cups placed on the body to increase blood flow. Try a Tui Na massage or diet therapy. Moxa is an herb that is burned for both the heat and the smoke for healing. Chinese herbs are very helpful in different combinations and include well known herbs like ginger, licorice and ginseng.

Located in Breezy Point, MN 

crosslake cares.jpg

Crosslake Area Senior Services

Crosslake Cares is dedicated to providing resources and services to the Senior Community in our surrounding area. 

Announcing the 2021 Crosslake Cares Senior Expo in conjunction with Cross Lake Days!  Save the Date - September 25, 2021 - featuring Guest Speaker Don Shelby.

Located in Cross Lake, MN

Absolutely Sunshine

Absolutely Sunshine offers massage therapy as well as an assortment of natural, organic, recyclable, and non-toxic products.  These include Melaleuca products, handmade jewelry, handmade scrubs and soaps, CBD products, teas, and supplements. Future plans include dreams of an organic market and wellness resort - so stay tuned! 

$5 coupon code to use on website: 012 345 (must include space between the 2 and 3)

Located in Crosslake, MN 


Wild Nourish

Minnesota made & sourced, all-natural pet treats & chews. Handcrafted & nutrient rich. Our products are sourced directly from local, family-owned farms using sustainable & regenerative practices. Gently dehydrated in small batches. Single ingredient, biologically appropriate & 100% human-grade!

Located in Waconia, MN

Happy Dancing Turtle 

Thanks for checking out the vendor fair! While you're here, don't forget to look at the rest of what Happy Dancing Turtle has to offer. Learn more about our organization, check out programs for kids and families, and find resources for children and adults.

Located in Pine River, MN & Winona, MN

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