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Branch with Catkins

      Bingo Scavenger Hunt      

Each season, join the Bingo Scavenger Hunt to see if you can find all 24 items on the bingo card out in nature. Both family and individual registrations are available and you may participate from anywhere.

How to Participate
  • Register for FREE to participate, get your bingo sheet, & learn how to submit pics. Registration is required to win prizes. 

  • Find an item on your sheet out in nature, snap a picture, & cross it off!

  • Try to identify what you found (i.e. hibernates - Leopard Frog) using an ID book or app. Seek by iNaturalist is a free app & one of our favorites for plants & insects!

  • When you have a bingo, submit your photos & IDs to us! On registration, you can choose to submit photos via the Cluster App or email, preferably with a link to an online photo album. Earn extra chances to win if all plants & animals are correctly identified.

  • All photos must be TAKEN during the specified time and must be SUBMITTED by the last day of the hunt!

  • 1 Bingo - Seasonal "Explore Nature" HDT sticker

  • 6+ Bingos - Chance to win the Grand Prize!

  • Bonus Prize for a Seasonal Challenge! 

See details for seasonal prizes below! 

Current Bingo Scavenger Hunt Info

The 2024 Spring Bingo Scavenger Hunt begins April 1st & we're sprucing things up after 4 years of hunts! They started during COVID as a fun activity to bring you outdoors, but have stuck around due to the positive feedback we've received. 


The new twist on our well-loved bingo focuses on getting outside while also helping out the Earth! Instead of our normal prize packages, HDT will be making donations in your honor to some worthy causes! 

1+ Bingos: Everyone who submits a bingo will receive our limited edition seasonal sticker! 

6+ Bingos: Chance to win the Grand Prize - a donation in your name to the state Future Forest Fund to help restore native forests! The winner will receive a personalized letter in their honor.

Earth Month Special: To celebrate Earth Day & Arbor Day, HDT will donate an additional $1 for EVERY completed tree column submitted on a bingo card!

Bonus Prize: Our newest (and possibly coolest) HDT Swag Item will go to the participant who picked up the most litter (judged through photo submissions)!

Happy Earth Month!  

Spring 24 BSH Rules & Card.png

Check out the spring bingo card & rules here.

A printer-friendly version of the card can be found here!

Registration is required to win prizes!

Photos from Past Bingo Scavenger Hunts

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