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Bingo Scavenger Hunt

Each season, join the Bingo Scavenger Hunt to see if you can find all 24 items on the bingo card out in nature. Every bingo you get is another chance to win some great prizes! Both family and individual registrations are available and you may participate from anywhere.

How to Participate
  • Register for FREE to participate, get your bingo sheet, & learn how to submit pics.

  • Find an item on your sheet out in nature, snap a picture, & cross it off!

  • Try to identify what you found (i.e. seed - milkweed seed) using an ID book or app. Seek by iNaturalist is a free app & one of our favorites for plants & insects!

  • When you have a bingo, submit your photos & IDs to us! The more bingos you get, the more chances to win! Earn extra chances to win if all plants & animals are correctly identified.

  • All photos must be TAKEN during the specified time and must be SUBMITTED by the end of the hunt!

  • 1 Bingo - Explore nature sticker - New Design every season!

  • 2-4 Bingos - Chance to win a small prize

  • 5+ Bingos - Chance to win a medium prize

  • Blackout - Chance to win the Grand Prize Package!

  • Bonus Prizes - To the best photos in 3 seasonal categories

Current Bingo Scavenger Hunt

The 2023 Fall Bingo Scavenger Hunt is coming up on September 15th through October 15th! To register and join in on the fun, click the button below. 

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Photos from Past Bingo Scavenger Hunts


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