• HDT Team

Turtle Treks Done For the Summer

Our last Turtle Trek took place last night right here in Pine River. At Forbes Park, six girls and five boys in grades 2-4 were able to experience the great outdoors before school starts next week. The day was filled with outdoor games, swimming, campfire vittles, and even spooky stories. Thanks for all the memories and fun. We’re sure to look at more camping adventures next year.

Nothing but smiles for our little (and big) campers.

Two boys about to get wet.

Be careful for trolls under this bridge!

Our campers jumped right into the fun.

There was no stopping the cannonballs. Once in, the kids would climb right out to make another.

Nora was at the receiving end of a particularly nasty judo kick.

A quick bite to eat, then back to the beach.

Outdoor activity was the name of the game.

Look at the size of this griddle! Jim made use of it for all the campers.

Breakfast by the clothesline

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