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Turtle Talks Podcast – Episode 9: Your Summer Appetizer 2 (Agroforestry)


This is the Garden Crew Podcast team. Not pictured: Colin M, who does whatever he can to keep his hands as clean as possible.

In this week’s episode, we talk about the different ways you can incorporate trees and woody shrubs into your garden or farm. This is called “Agroforestry,” and has five different methods to use.

  1. Alley Cropping

  2. Riparian Buffers

  3. Silvopasture

  4. Windbreaks

  5. Forest Farming

HDT is using two methods (alley cropping and forest farming) and will introduce a silvopasture method next year. You can read more about our attempts in Allison’s recap of her trip to the Agroforestry Institute, OR you can listen about it right here. 🙂

We also get into the fun things we’ve been picking in the garden, like garlic scapes and par-cels, and whether it’s important to eat your parsley after dinner or not.


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