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Turtle Talks Podcast – Episode 18: Kids in Nature

We were able to tear Michelle H. and Nora W. from their Back to Basics setup (taking place THIS SATURDAY, February 2) to talk with us about the important topic of kids and nature. You won’t be surprised to learn that more and more children are spending less and less time outdoors and are choosing to instead spend their time in front of screens (of any kind).


Shared from Allison R.

This was an eye-opening episode for me.

It made me re-evaluate the amount of time I allow my children to be occupied by electronics, and furthermore, how I, myself interact with my screens.

The point isn’t that technology is bad or worse than not using technology. What has become evident is that children are missing out on some of the things that inherently make them kids. They have optimism, energy, and want to explore things. It’s built into their core.

What is happening is that the extreme uptick in screen time use is stopping children from being able to use that core.

We need to be mindful as parents that the use of technology and the, possibly, unintended consequences of allowing too much screen time, do not interfere with letting a kid be what a kid is supposed to be.

We include some contacts to help you get started.

Music used in this episode: 1) What to Expect by Jake Bradford on the album Sharp 2)Little Sparrow by Racoon Racoon on the album Dawn Chorus 3)When I Get There by Maya Isac on the album All of the Miles 4)Killing Time by Stanley Gurvich on the album Lana Inspired 5) Heist by Katrina Stone on the album AamityMae


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