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Turtle Talks Podcast – Episode 15: Herbs & Spices, A Primer

You would be forgiven if your thoughts immediately wandered over to the the eleven herbs and spices used in the “finger-licking good” recipe for KFC. It’s not your fault. Ads are prevalent in our society, and there are none more pervasive, none more that have stood the test of time, than the solicitations for that greasy, but oh-so good, fried chicken.

BUT! We’re not here to talk about fast food chicken. In this episode, we do talk about the many different ways you can enjoy herbs and spices in your everyday cooking. We had a lot of fun chatting about our favorite ways to prepare our families meals.

Do you have a favorite spice you’d like to share? Hit us up in the comments.

Music used: 1) Intro – What to Expect by Jake Bradford on album “Sharp” 2) Gold Fish by Photoaxis on album “Gold Fish” 3) Sun Bird by Geva Alon on album “Wall of Sound” 4) Watch Out by Chaun Davis on album “Be Mine”


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