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Turtle Talks Podcast – Episode 14: Appetizer 6

The growing season is coming to an end. Our garden is finally put to bed. In our 14th episode, we discuss what we did to put our garden to bed.

We also do a season-end review, bringing all the numbers and pounds of food produced.

In the third segment, we talk about a hugelkultur project added to the south field.

Music used in this episode: Intro – What to Expect by Jake Bradford 1) I Believe in You by Polaris Rose (Album – The Waves Within) 2) Toasting All my Life by Duce Williams (Album – Miami Folk) 3) Franz by Tomas Herudek (Album – Haters) 4) Electro Swing Ballroom by Stefano Mastonardi (Album – Stefano Mastronardi)


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