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Top 5 Indoor Garden Ideas

1) Indoor Succulent Garden 


One of the best things about succulents is their variety. You can fill your dining room table with so many varieties of succulents without repeating that you may have to eat your dinners in the kitchen. Not requiring constant attention, succulents are a perfect entry to putting some green in your house.

Go to Jessica’s Design Blog for more ideas.

2) Regrowing Veggies from scraps


Getting your kids to eat their veggies can be difficult sometimes, but now you’ve got a trick up your sleeve. Tell your child that once they eat their green deliciousness, they can turn their scraps into a living, growing plant. Some tasty veggies only require being set in a cup of water to get it sprouted again, such as celery, bok choi, and cabbage. Super easy and a great way to reuse. Check out here for more ideas.

3) Windowsill Gardens 


Like we covered in our last blog post, windowsill gardens are a super efficient way to keep herbs, small plants, and other greeneries in your home. They will get grow well with direct sunlight, but may require a bit of attention. For alternate ideas, follow us here.

4) The easiest indoor plant – Spider Plant 


If you’re looking to just get a bunch of green into your room with a bare minimum of hassle, you can’t do better than the spider plant. Needing any portion of sunlight (except direct sunlight, where they’ll burn), the spider plant is very undemanding. Set them up and water them daily, but they are pretty much guaranteed to thrive. Plus, they transfer extremely well, and if you’re friend is jealous of your beautiful spider plant, you can simply cut a bit off and plant it into another pot for a quick gift. For more info, The Spruce is a great place to start.

5) Indoor Citrus Plants 


Indoors is the only place in Minnesota that you can successfully grow any citrus plants. Our extreme weather dictates that, for sure. However, citrus plants will grow very well on any location with direct sunlight and frequent watering. Having the pleasant smelling blossoms is a no-brainer if you’re looking for something unique in your house over the winter. Apartment Therapy has a good how-to on growing your own indoor citrus plants.


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