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Minnesotan Fall Agritourism Destinations



It’s kind of a made-up word, right? Some people use “agritainment,” instead. (Agriculture and tourism. Agriculture and entertainment. Makes sense, yes?) The basic gist of the term is a fun outdoor activity that focuses on farms, orchards, or any sort of food production location.

This is not a new tactic. Local producers have incorporated into their economic repertoire (along with CSA subscriptions, farm to school programs, and farmers markets, to name a few others) for generations.

I mean, pumpkin patches, corn mazes, hay rides, cider festivals, and Halloween themed events are ingrained in our culture. Some of my best memories with my family are centered around agricultural destination events.


My kids love our annual trip to The Farm on St. Mathias where we pick out our pumpkins and try to beat their corn maze.

If you check the fantastic website Minnesota Grown, you’ll be able to find local farms that open up their property for the harvest. You-pick-’em apple orchards, pumpkin patches, and corn mazes are draws, but you’ll find tons of added value with concerts, hayrides, and much more. Search for harvest events near you, but here’s a short list that are near us:

  1. Carmel Apple Orchard – Staples, MN – Home to a quaint bed and breakfast, along with tons of apple trees.

  2. The Farm on St. Mathias – Brainerd, MN – Lots to do here! Pumpkin patch, corn maze, hayrides, and check for music concerts.

  3. Boysnberries Farm – Brainerd, MN – This pumpkin patch is open through October.

The season is in full swing from the middle of October through mid-November, so make sure to get your fun before the snow starts to fly. (Then you’ll get into a whole ‘nother brand of fun!)


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