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J. Drake Hamilton to Keynote 11th Annual Back to Basics

Happy Dancing Turtle will host the 11th annual Back to Basics sustainability event on Saturday, February 11 at the Pine River-Backus School. It’s a day that features workshops, demonstrations, and a vendor fair all designed to increase awareness around sustainable living.


Hamilton – Science Policy Director for Fresh Energy

This year, keynote speaker J. Drake Hamilton will be talking on the importance of communities working together to build a more prosperous future. As the science policy director at Fresh Energy, a nonprofit organization based in Minneapolis with the goal of speeding the transition to clean energy, Hamilton is responsible for policy development and analysis of clean energy solutions that maximize opportunities for the Midwest.

With extensive work in climate policy focusing on the large scale (state & national levels), Hamilton is quick to state that change does not come from the top-down, but instead through individuals. “Leadership in clean energy has started primarily from individuals creating partnerships that lead to positive change.”

She also adds, “The renewable energy revolution is already underway. My presentation will focus on that inspiring information, and ask us all how we can together make sure that all of us benefit from clean energy opportunities.”

Maintaining positive relationships to build positive change appears to be a staple in Hamilton’s life.

During the winter, when not trekking across frozen lakes with a pair of snowshoes strapped to her feet, Hamilton shares that her preferred indoor activity is “getting together with friends to talk and share ideas and stories face to face. In this time of electronic communications, there is still nothing better than laughing and working together in person.”

There will be many opportunities to network, learn, share, and more during the 11th Annual Back to Basics. Registration is available online at

Space is limited, so please register in advance.


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