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Happy Holidays from HDT

Earlier this December, we hosted our annual Grateful Gathering and Bites Bar & Grill, just south of Pine River. It’s a moment where we pause before the busy holiday season and take the time to reflect on the past year and ponder the future.

This gathering was a bit bittersweet as we bid a fond farewell to three of our favorite coworkers, Bob McLean, Kathy Hoefs, and Janis Redfield.

Kathy will be leaving us to work on her growing event center with her husband, Marlon. Bob, a Resilient Living Campus mainstay since the start, is retiring. Though mid-2020, he’ll take up the mantle of District Governor for Rotary District 5580 (accompanied by his wife, Terri). Janis and her husband, Robert, are snow-birding south to Florida to soak up rays, walk on beaches, and live life to the fullest (in sandals). We wish them the best.


Janis’ (left) last day is at the end of December. We will miss her dearly.


Bob’s seeing triple!


Quinn, Nora, and Michelle pause to humor the photographer.


Kathy and Bob, who worked closely for the past decade, share one last laugh before Bob’s (and Kathy’s) retirement.


Doug and Paul sharing a laugh.


If you look closely, you can see Ryan has tiny jingle bells braided into his beard. Very festive!


Lynn congratulating Bob on his retirement and presenting him with cutting board plaque for his hard work.


Bites Bar and Grill treated us very well. The food was fantastic and plentiful. Thanks Bites!


Nora takes a moment to serenade Bob before he leaves on his retirement.


It was a hopping place with great food, lots of laughter, and plenty of good times. 


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