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  • Jenny Hill

Garden Updates

Gardeners Dave and Anna brought in the first harvest from the hoop house this week! It was made up of lots of greens: spinach, arugula, kale, mizuna, not to mention radishes. That harvest is the result of a lot of planning, hard work, and talent on Dave and Anna’s part. Other factors that contribute to success in gardening comes from timing. And, as we saw this last week, team work.

Timing and Teamwork

Team work took the form of Chef Chris drying some of the profuse harvest of tomatoes that resulted from the tomatoes growing in the dutch bucket system. The tomatoes were started late this past fall and the photo below is how the vines looked in late April.

Speaking of timing, the ginger photos below are numbered according to date. The ginger is happily growing in raised beds in the hoop house.

What’s Up

Dave and Anna began direct seeding Amish Snap Peas on May 3 and they are pictured here on May 10 and May 18. Garlic bulbs planted last October sent up their first green shoots in mid-April and today look (and smell! garlicky!) It won’t be long until we can harvest garlic scapes!

What’s Being Planted Now

This week Dave and Anna put in potatoes (see video clip) and strawberries in the raised beds right outside the campus kitchen door. In addition, they put seedlings of cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and brussels sprouts into their garden growing space.

Calcium Creates Abundance

Pesky Pests

Gardening, like life, is often a mix of joy and frustrations. More growth also brings more opportunities for pests. In the hoop house, the cut worms are back! See this past blog for some creative ways to address cut worms.


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