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Favorite Fall Recipes


As the fields turn from gold to brown and the leaves shake off their final layer of foliage, now is the time to revisit the recipes that may have a special importance to you, recipes that your family have kept in a little box, pulled out every time the winds start to get a bit brisk.

These are the recipes that bring you back to your childhood. The smells of an evening as you sit near the window, feeling the crisp cold of the chilly night on your hands, as you see the snow start to drift down on your driveway.

These smells from the kitchen bring you comfort. They are the promise of warmth and happiness, of a good night’s sleep.

We all have traditions such as these. I was able to talk with Campus Chef, Chris G, and he laid down some of his favorites.

Beef Stroganoff


This is one of those recipes that has a million different ways, methods, and secret ingredients. But, if you find a good one, It. Is. Awesome! This one Chris found in a church lady cookbook from the 70’s and it truly is the best. Feel free to adapt it.


  1. 1.5 lbs sirloin meat (sirloin is really what you want to use because it easily takes in the flavors)

  2. 1 clove garlic

  3. 2 tbsp flour

  4. 2 tsp salt

  5. .25 tsp pepper

  6. .25 cup butter

  7. 1 onion (thinly sliced)

  8. 1 bay leaf

  9. 1 can of condensed cream of chicken soup

  10. .5 cup red wine

  11. 1 cup sliced mushrooms (or more to taste)

  12. 1 cup sour cream


  1. Puree garlic, add salt, pepper & flour. Cut meat into strips. Mix the puree into the steak. Be rough with it. Pound it into the steak.

  2. In a large saucepan or a pot, melt butter, add meat and brown on all sides. Add the onions, cook until transparent. If the meat sticks to the bottom during this part, it isn’t a huge problem but don’t let it burn.

  3. Pour in the red wine. This will sizzle and hiss. Use this to “deglaze” the bottom of the pan and get all those delicious things unstuck from the bottom. When you have stirred it up nicely, add the mushrooms and the bay leaf. Then pour in the can of soup.

  4. Reduce the heat and let all that boil together. Let it get good and tender.

  5. Remove from the heat and find the bay leaf (throw it away). After that, add the sour cream. I would serve this over some boiled egg noodles, but over rice or potatoes isn’t unheard of either.

  6. YUM!

Pumpkin Pie Cake


Pumpkin pie is great, but EVERYONE has there own recipe for this. Let’s try it in a cake! It might be your new fav!


  1. 2.5 cups self rising flour

  2. 1 tsp salt

  3. 2 cups pumpkin (roasted & pureed)

  4. 1 cup shortening

  5. 1.5 cup sugar

  6. 1 tsp cinnamon

  7. .5 tsp ginger

  8. .5 tsp nutmeg

  9. 1 cup buttermilk

  10. 1 tsp vanilla

  11. 2 eggs

  12. 1 tsp white vinegar

  13. 8 oz cream cheese

  14. 1 stick butter

  15. 1 lb of confectioner’s sugar

  16. 1 cup pecans


  1. Preheat oven to 350

  2. Mix pumpkin, eggs, buttermilk, & shortening. Mix together flour, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, & salt. Combine the dry and wet mixtures, then add the sugar, vanilla, and vinegar.

  3. Pour into a cake pan. Let bake for 25-30 minutes. Test with a toothpick (put toothpick into center of the cake. Remove. If it comes out with batter stuck, let it cook for a bit longer). Pull out when done

  4. Mix the cream cheese, butter, and confectioners sugar. Blend until smooth.

  5. After the cake has cooled, frost and top with pecans.

  6. Serve to happy guests.


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