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  • Jenny Hill

Bingo Scavenger Hunt: New Seasonal Favorite

It started as a COVID outdoor alternative activity in 2020. Since then there have been 8 more Bingo Scavenger Hunts and it has become obvious that people love to document the seasons.

While there are prizes, including a unique sticker from each hunt, many of the benefits of the Bingo Scavenger Hunt are also intangible: getting outside in all seasons (and weather), maybe learning new words (such as "drey" and "endotherm"), discovering more about a cell phone's camera.

Another fun aspect are the featured categories for each hunt. This fall's included "Spookiest," "Essence of Autumn" and "Geology Rocks." Here are some of the photos from each category:


Essence of Autumn

Geology Rocks

Family and Friends Make the Difference

Many Bingo Scavenger Hunters enjoy participating with family and friends. As Andrea C. of Brainerd commented: “As a Mama, I feel like we have a sense of togetherness that we wouldn't normally get. We are sharing photos via text and discussing who's is better and complimenting each other on who found what. It's more than a scavenger hunt in my eyes. It's one more chance for bonding while we are all apart in our busy lives. Please know that you are offering more than meets the eye, at least for this family.”

Speaking of more than meets the eye, that might be the biggest draw of the Bingo Scavenger Hunt: seeing details in nature with a new perspective and appreciation. Here are some highlights from the over 500 photos submitted by participants (from five states no less!) to the Fall 2022 Bingo Scavenger Hunt.


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