Tropical Leaves

Eco Camp T-Shirt Design Contest


Any student/child in grades K-12. One entry per person. There will be three different age brackets: K-5th Grade, 6th-8th Grade, and 9th-12th Grade.


Students must draw a black & white outline (see example below) design to fit this year’s Eco Camp Theme, “Branch Out At Eco Camp”. Your drawing must include a forest/tree theme. For an added challenge, if you want, include the three featured trees: Maple, Oak, and Birch.


Your drawing should be on the Contest Template and fit on an 8.5” x 11” piece of paper. This will help us ensure your drawing will fit on our T-shirts! Going over your pencil lines in a thin black marker helps your design transfer to a t-shirt. Please include your signature in your design. List your name, email, phone, and grade in pencil on the back of your entry.


All entries must be in by Friday, May 7th, 2021.  Entries can be mailed to the HDT office at the address below. You may also scan the document and send it in a high-resolution format to ecocamp @

Winners & Prizes

One winner will be selected from each Grade Bracket (K-5th, 6th-8th, & 9th-12th). Each Grade Bracket Winner will receive a headlamp, s'mores package, and an HDT Prize Item. The Grand Prize Winner will be selected from the three Grade Bracket Winners. The Grand Prize Winner will also receive a free T-shirt featuring their design.