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The Long History of Water in the Northern Lakes Region

Carrie Jennings


As the glaciers receded from this area, irregular topography, abundant precipitation, and a high water table formed the many lakes that we enjoy. The lake basins had different origins, which produced lakes of varying depths and shapes. We will explore those origins, the history of lake-level change over the past 10,000 years, as well as the current pressures on water resources today. We will touch on the human occupation of the region and the Indigenous cultures with whom we continue to share this precious resource. 

Keynote Bio

Carrie Jennings

Carrie Jennings has 20+ years of experience as a field geologist, working both with the Minnesota Geological Survey and the Department of Natural Resources. With the DNR, she was the science reports lead for the County Geologic Atlas program which is the authoritative source about a county’s geology, mineral resources and natural history. She has a deep interest in how glacial geology and landscape evolution affect the management of surface water and groundwater. Carrie and her husband live on a 120-acre farm which is primarily in a permanent conservation easement through the Dakota County Farmland and Natural Areas Program.