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Welcome Home Little Chickens

Happy Dancing Turtle will be the home for fifty chickens for the summer. We plan on keeping these beauties on campus for around through August, when they’ll be collected and butchered. (It was explained to me that they’ll live a really good life and then have one bad day.)

You may not know that baby chicks can be shipped right through the mail. We got a neat call from the Pine River Post Office last week. Just listen to the happy little ones!

You’ll never guess what we got in the mail!

Meet one of our “chicken tenders.” Avery will be making sure the chicks are well taken care of during their stay at HDT.

Look how happy the little chirps are!

Our chicken coop is something a little different. It used to be a car park where we stored our garden and maintenance equipment. With an upgraded storage space on campus, we reused the space for a coop.

Now these are deluxe accommodations for our hens.

Last summer, Jim put together a home for them. This summer, shade cloth and an extended chicken run were added, to ensure our little chicks had the room to run and be safe from the heat and predators.


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