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Turtle Talks Podcast – Episode 6: Covering Your Soil

Well, we did it! We got through all four principles of Soil Health. We talked about maximizing biodiversity, we dug into minimizing soil disturbances, and we needed to let everyone know how important it is to keep roots in the ground.


There’s so many reasons to keep your soil covered!

We also begin with our Garden Update as Dave W. talks about a little mice problem he’s seen in the hoop house and what he’s done to help resolve pests. The garden crew has also spent time marking and cutting logs for mushroom cultivation.

If you’re interested in learning how to grow your very own mushrooms, Jim C. will be hosting a class on Wednesday, May 9 right here on campus. Cost is only $20 and you’ll walk away with knowledge on how to grow your own and you’ll also get two mushroom logs of your very own. To register, go to the Pine River Community Education site.


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