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Turtle Talks Podcast – Episode 19: Reconnecting Indigenous Cultures, a Q&A With Sean Sherman

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Jim, Allison, and Chris went to the MDA Organic Conference last month and Sean Sherman was the keynote speaker. Jim took a shot and asked if Sean would be interested in speaking on Turtle Talks and to our surprise, he said yes! So, we’re very excited to have Sean Sherman on this episode. More famously known through his food production company, The Sioux Chef, Sherman talks about his mission to bring indigenous foods back to indigenous communities, helping to grow opportunities and create successful micro food systems.

You can learn more about Sherman’s non-profit organization, NATIFS (North American Traditional Indigenous Food Systems) by going to You will learn about his mission to help native communities reconnect with traditions and native cuisine that has been lost over the centuries due to the colonization and aggressive expansion of European settlers.

You can learn more about Sean’s passion and The Sioux Chef mission by the video put together below.

Music Included: 1) What to Expect by Jake Bradford on the album Sharp 2)I Do by Derek Gust on the album I Do 3)Lowenweise by Vikings in Tibet on the album Alchemy Ave. 4) Paid My Dues by Ben Bostick on the album Ben Bostick


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