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Sunscreen Salad

I just checked the weather forecast for this weekend. It’s expected to be hot and very sunny. Instead of spending your weekend in the air conditioned climate controlled environments, I’ve got a little home grown recommendation that will help with the sun. It’s called “Sunscreen Salad” and it’s supposed to help your body fight UV harm.

There are studies that show eating foods (or tablets, yuck) that have high Vitamin C & E can help your body in “photoprotection” (which means protects against sun damage). So, instead of throwing down tablets of vitamins, you can get your vitamins the old fashioned delicious way. And it’s really simple: 1) Grab a bunch of spinach leaves high in vitamin C (and E) 2) Throw some cherry tomatoes on them. – high in vitamin E 3) Sprinkle sunflower seeds (or almonds or hazelnuts, or peanuts) – all high in vitamin E 4) Eat em all.


With your belly full of these important nutrients (and delicious food), your body will be able to better fight against UV damage (which can lessen the damage from sunburn). My wife loves to make little spinach, cherry tomato, and mozzarella cracker towers. They’re awesome and can help fight the sun as well. (Avocados are a great source of Vitamin E, but I would never suggest you eat that awful tasting fruit!) If you want variations on the salad, produce high in vitamin C are: peppers, broccoli, and of course citrus fruit. Other produce that are high in Vitamin E are: olives, apricots, kale, and papayas. Experiment and enjoy your weekend!


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