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Summer’s More Fun With Friends Spots

Here’s a few promotional shots we did.

Some production notes:

1) I wanted to make these have a little more somber feel to them. Last year, we did something like it and I wanted to recreate the slight ennui that our counselors would have without our Eco Campers. However, Michelle H. (counselor in the kayak) convinced me that we should do a few “happier” takes to see how it looked. I agreed and we got a shot of a take I wanted and a few that she wanted. In the “Kayak” spot, I thought it worked so well to have the before and after to show how the tagline (“Summer’s More Fun With Friends”) is true.

Nora Waving on Sand Lake from a kayak Pine River Minnesota

2) I wanted to get a good shot of Nora throwing out her pop can line, so instead of shooting on the shoreline (which is what the final shot is!), I donned my swimsuit and waded out in the FREEZING cold May water.

3) The spots were filmed at the cabin of Paul & Lynn just a few miles north of campus on Sand Lake. (Thanks for letting us use it!)

Michelle taking a selfie at sand lake Pine RIver Minnesota

4) The whole day was forecasted to be picture perfect with lots of sun and blue skies. Yet, all day the sun was blotted out with dark gray clouds and we were resolved to get the filming done that day. However, once we began to actually film, the skies cleared up and we were able to get the shots we wanted.

5) During the fishing spot, Nora threw her homemade pop can line several times with an empty hook in both tone styles. After we got the shots I wanted, Michelle found a worm digging itself out of the earth and she gave it to Nora for fun. After only two casts, a little sunny hooked itself and the ladies went wild. They insisted we get another shot to see if the homemade pop can could do it again. It worked. The last shot of the day was the one we used.


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