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Resilient Action Day on Sept. 23

If you haven’t heard (maybe we’re not shouting enough!), we’re hosting our third Resilient Action Day on Friday, September 23. After two (very!) successful RAD events, we thought, “You know what would be awesome? Another RAD event.” So, we (and I use the term loosely, because I only push what we’re doing out to the media) put together a HUGE lineup of workshops

“Resilience is pretty much what I’m about, especially in my day job,” said Steve Dahlberg.

Dahlberg, Director of Extension at the White Earth Tribal & Community College, simply


Homemade sauerkraut

stated, “Resilience is a verb, or at least it should be. I’m not really into theoretical resilience.” Dahlberg will be instructing a class on homemade fermentation, focusing on foods such as kombucha, vegetable ferment, and sourdough bread.

And, that’s the whole point of these workshops. They are meant to give you the knowledge to head straight home and utilize what you’ve learned.

Other hands-on workshops you can attend include herbal tea, essential oils, and even hoop house growing.

“We are just beginning to understand the…values of high tunnels, like growing fruits that could not ordinarily survive in our zone,” stated presenter Kathy Connell, owner and operator of Redfern Gardens Produce out of Sebeka, MN. “High tunnels are a fun and exciting project for anyone!”

Which reminds of a road trip several years ago that the HDT team took up to Grand Rapids to see the University of Minnesota Extension’s Demonstration Day. We saw several different hoop houses and dozens of different plants & trees growing underneath these hoop houses. The possibilities are just huge.


Jim C. shows off a campus hoop house at last year’s Resilient Action Day.

If you want to get in on the fun, there’s several ways to do it. First, you need to go to our website ( and sign up online. This will BEST guarantee your spot. However, If you’d rather send a check or stay offline, that’s no problem. Simply call Michelle at 218-587-2303 to get your registration started.

RAD coordinator, Quinn Swanson suggested, “With limited space available, we highly recommend early registration. We’ve been sold out in the past.”

The cost for the full day is only $20, with several of the workshops offering optional, take home materials, for an additional fee.

The day starts at 9am and will go until 5pm. There’s a lunch break at 12:20 where you’ll be able to enjoy any of the dozens of options that downtown Pine River offers.

Sign up today!


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