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Last-Second Summer

With only two (2!) weeks of summer vacation left before school starts there are only so many days left to pack any last-second activities. Let’s go over your checklist:

  1. Did you ride the trail like you said you would? With long paved trails and world class well-groomed hill trails in the area, there is no excuse.

  2. Did you eat a tomato fresh from the vine like you said you would? It’s the perfect time to grab one from your neighbor’s garden. Or if you want to be more neighborly, go to your local farmer’s market.

  3. Did you go to that summer concert like you said you would? This weekend is the Lakes Bluegrass Festival in Pine River. It’s the 12th year that top bluegrass bands converge on our tiny town.

  4. Did you venture into the woods and have an outdoor experience like you said you would? If you haven’t pulled the trigger on your camping adventure, there are hundreds of locations across the state. If you’re still unsure of the whole camping thing, we’re offering our last Turtle Trek adventure of the summer THIS MONDAY NIGHT!

  5. Did you grill up that unbelievable recipe you saw online like you said you would? I don’t have any awesome grill recipes for you here. I was kind of hoping you would drop one on me so could use it. What’s your secret, go-to recipe?

What other adventures are up for you this week? Labor Day is the weekend after next. It pretty much marks the end of summer. So, make use of your time left. The days only get shorter and the wind blows colder from here on out.


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