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Homemade Coupon Book – The True “Shop Local” Gift Idea

Yes, I’m sure you’ve heard of homemade coupon books before or you have been given one of these things before. BUT, they are the quintessential holiday gift. Plus, I find that it means more to receive these. What was the the old adage?

“It’s the thought that counts!” *cue eyeroll* Homemade coupons ooze thought, though. Also, it gives you a great reason to stay local when shopping.


Homemade Coupons can be for almost ANYTHING!

  1. Know that your friend has a ton of kids? BAM! One free night of babysitting.

  2. Overheard that your husband likes doughnuts? HERE YOU GO! One dozen crawlers whenever you want ’em.

  3. Think that your parents won’t let you stay up as late as you want? YOU’VE BEEN SERVED. Bedtime’s been moved an hour later.

  4. Has your boss been complaining of a sore back? WHA-BAM! Free back massage.

These are just a couple of examples. But, let your imagination run wild. (But, I’d probably rethink giving your boss a coupon for a back massage. It may get awkward.)

Here’s a link for a homemade coupon template.


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