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Home Grown Stewards – Family Activity Kits

This year has brought a lot of changes for everyone. One of the biggest changes here at Happy Dancing Turtle has been the development of our new Home Grown Stewards (HGS) program. Over the next couple of weeks, we will highlight each of the three components of HGS. This week, we’ll start with the Family Activity Kits.

There are two kits that will be offered over the summer. The first kit, which is available to order until June 29, has a gardening theme. In this kit, families will find instructions for 10 activities and the materials required to complete them. One of the best parts of the kits is that you are able to do the activities in your own time, at your own pace, in whatever order you choose to do them. With an increase in screen time across the board, we made sure to keep time on an electronic device to a minimum. With planting activities, crafts, even a scavenger hunt, there’s plenty to keep your family busy! The second kit, available mid-July, will have your family exploring the different types of habitats found in Minnesota and Wisconsin.


In addition, to the activity kit, you will be invited to join a private Facebook group where you can share pictures of what you’re working on. The Home Grown Stewards staff is excited to see how your projects turn out and for you to share your progress with other participating families! You will also receive a weekly email with bonus resources and materials, including book and movie recommendations to further enhance your experience!

If you’re looking for interaction with other Home Grown Stewards, we’ve got that covered, too! There will be two optional Zoom meetings where families will have the opportunity to visit with each other and HGS staff. Staff will be there to answer questions and offer support on your sustainability journey. We are excited to still be able to help foster a love of nature, inspire wonder, and grow good stewards of the planet, even if it’s not in the way we’re used to!

Check out our website today to sign up for your kit!


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