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  • Colin Mclain

HDT Shaking up Presenter/Vendor Format for Back to Basics 2021

Happy Dancing Turtle's 15th Annual Back to Basics sustainability event will be undergoing some changes this year. We've relied on presenters and exhibitors from the area to pass on their knowledge of all things sustainable and this year is the same, with one big exception: B2B will be all virtual this year!

Learning new skill from our presenters is what brings participants back to B2B, year after year, however, due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, we are unable to plan for an in-person event as we have in the past. In order to continue this long-running event and keep our participants and presenters connected in the safest way possible, we will be moving to this digital format.

That leads to a different way to present, but we're going to make it as seamless as possible. Here's how:

Presenters: Deadline to Register is Saturday, November 14.

This year's Back to Basics will take place over a one week time period, Saturday, February 20 through Sunday, February 28. Presenters will have the opportunity to record their workshop and have the recording available during that time. Workshops should last between 40-60 minutes and can be recorded using the Zoom virtual conferencing software.

There is also a limited option for those who wish to be available for a Q&A session on Saturday, Feb 27. Presenters may choose to do a live Q&A session via Zoom, hosted by HDT, where you can have a more interactive experience with attendees. We also have the option for presenters to be able to answer questions via email, without being available that day.

Past presenters have said, "Such a wonderful group...Great Energy!" and "[I had] a great interactive group and was impressed with the event! Great Job! I hope I can come back next year."

So, there are many ways to share your knowledge! If you want to be a presenter, the deadline is Saturday, November 14 and you can register here.

Vendors & Exhibitors: Deadline to Register is Saturday February 6, 2021.

Maybe you've been an exhibitor or vendor at past B2B events and would like to participate in this year's vendor fair. Well, we've got a great way to make your business or organization better well-known to the public. We love connecting participants to locally grown and locally made goods and sustainable services during Back to Basics.

This year, we will feature vendors and exhibitors on our website, complete with contact information, product/service information, and links to your online shops or ordering services.

Also, vendors and exhibitors are encouraged to record a short video (about 1-2 minutes long) showcasing their product and service and how they are related to sustainability. Promotion of vendors and exhibitors will be concentrated during February, however, your links and information will stay up until Back to Basics 2022! Additionally, each vendor and exhibitor will be featured in an HDT social media post after the event, continuing the promotion long after the event.


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