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“Freshwater Friends” Eco Camp Sessions a Success.

Three of our four 2017 Freshwater Friends Eco Camps are in the books. Our campers have ventured on field trips, eaten straight from the garden, and learned a bit about our environment.

Here’s a small glimpse of the adventures our Freshwater Friends have had over the last few months:

1st-2nd Grade – Loons (June 12-16)

The trip to Serenity Now Alpaca Farm had mixed feelings.

Dave W. introduced the neat idea of hydroponics.

There was even time for swimming at Sand Lake.

Nora showed off the fish at the Crosslake Dam.

Nora lead the campers in exercises!

Norah shows off her smiley face bagel.

Paper making was fun for all.

The campers loved the strawberry trellace.

3rd-4th Grade – Trout (June 26-30)

Playing outside every day.

Campers even made their own cork boats. Races were encouraged.

We suggested a balanced lunch every day.

Eco Campers learned all about nature at the Crosslake Dam.

Kayaking and swimming.

5th-6th Grade – Dragonflies (July 10-14)

Outdoor play of all kinds was included.

Wading into the bog at Deep Portage to learn about ecosystems.

Learning about water ecosystems on the Deep Portage Bog Walk.

One big happy crew!

Geocaching brought campers all over campus.

More Geocaching.

Taking a rest along the fish wall.

Campers exploring the living roof above the Mani Shop on campus.

Nora helping a camper find a creature from the bog.

Check out her homemade fishing system. Seems to work!

Swimming at Sand Lake was one way to beat the heat.

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