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Community Ed Classes All Spring Long

We just had our first thaw of the spring, and it’s about time to start shaking loose the dust and detritus of our hibernating, sedentary winter days. It’s time to break free of the frozen clutches of longest season and start embracing the days of our shortest season. And, what can you do to fill those days, you may ask? Happy Dancing Turtle has a whopping seven community education classes taking place through the end of May. I’m going to highlight several of our classes, but if you want a full description and schedule, go to our Community Education page to learn more. If you feel the urge to participate in any of our classes, you’ll need to sign up through the Pine River-Backus Community Education catalog page. (It’s pretty easy and you’ll be able to sign up and pay online.)

If you’re looking for something for the entire family to do, I’d recommend going to our Friday Family Feature. Taking place on Earth Day, (which is THIS FRIDAY, APRIL 22) we welcome you to our campus to watch a movie that will give you a new way to view our wonderful planet. It’s only five bucks for the whole family and starts at 6pm. We’ll even offer refreshments during the film and play a game or two after the movie.

One other family event I’d recommend is Intro to Geocaching. On Friday, May 26, We’ll be meeting at the Pine River Chamber Information Center (right by the Paul Bunyan Trail) at 6pm, but we’ll be going up and down the trail all evening. Using GPS units, we’ll hunt down and focus in on several geocaches along the trail. Bring your hiking shoes and your sense of adventure as we’ll dig up buried treasure. 

We’ve got a bunch of workshops that are just for kids! One you’ll want to be sure to attend

will be the Mother’s Day Craft-in, where we’ll show participants how to make their very own handmade gift for mom. Using paint, paper, glue, fabric, and more, we’ll use recycled materials and transform them into fun and festive decor specifically for that special mother in your life. The class costs only four bucks per student and goes from 3-5pm at the PR-B Commons on Thursday, May 5.

Not only are we offering craft classes, we have our Science Club meetings that have three more classes planned through the spring. The next one is meeting on Thursday, April 28th at the PR-B Commons, but will venture into the high school forest. If you’re ready for some Outdoor Adventures, we’ll be showing you how to just be outside and enjoy nature.

One last class that I think is particularly delicious looking is Tasty Toppings, which takes place on Tuesday, May 24th from 5:30-7pm right here on campus. Hannah K. will be showing you how to make your very own dressings and condiments. Since Hannah K. has been serving us lunch three times a week during the winter, I have the experience to say that you will love these recipes. Don’t pencil in this class. Make your registration in pen. You’ll want to go.

For a full description of our spring catalog, you can, again, check out our Community Education Page.


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