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Can the Planet Power Pals Save the Earth?

We’re happy to be hosting four weeks of earth-saving, planet-protecting, veggie-eating


Eco Camp is truly a hands on experience.

fun this summer. But, we need your help! We’ve been hosting our Eco Camps for the last decade and have countless adventures, but this year we’re introducing a fun way to participate.

Coming to this year’s Eco Camps are the Planet Power Pals. This earth-saving team is taking new recruits for the summer. You can be a part of the newest planet-protecting team if you fall under the following requirements:

Super Hero Team Training Dates Age

Raccoon Rascals           June 13-17               Grades 1-2

Bear Brigade                 June 27-July 1         Grades 3-4

Bat Battalion                July 11-15                  Grades 5-6

Rabbit Rangers            Aug 8-12                   Pre-K (Ages 4&5)


The Planet Power Pals are here to save the day!

Program Manager, Quinn Swanson, said about the upcoming summer camps, “I love the enthusiasm of the campers. Even if it’s their first time, they’re eager to get their hands dirty.”

There are a tons of “training” activities and field trips for the recruits planned each week.


Planet Power Pals are all smiles!

Program Specialist Nora Woodworth said, “My favorite activities are the nature walks. We have tons of trails winding through the forest and by water. We spend a lot of time outside. It’s the best.”

Even though we always need fresh recruits into the Plant Power Pals academy, we love seeing our returning super heroes. Program Assistant, Michelle Hoefs said, “I look forward to Eco Camp every year. I love seeing the new and returning faces of the campers. When we have campers return, it shows to me that we’re doing something right, that others think we’re doing something well.”

We require at least five cadets for each training session. (We’ll make the call two weeks before each session.) Registration will continue through to the first day of each training session of each week if we get enough cadets (providing there is space). So, get your registrations in!

Your planet needs your help! We’re all counting on you!


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