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  • Christopher Glassman

Back to Basics Soup Roundup

Back to Basics is going virtual this year. You'll want to check out our event page to make sure you don't miss a thing. A lot of the speakers, presentations and vendor fair booths are making the transition to the online space. However, the one thing we really can't do that easily is duplicate the delicious lunches that have become a highlight over our Back to Basics history.

In lieu of sending a tupperware container to every participant, we have decided to share the recipes that *would have* been used for this year's in person event. For the past two years, campus chef, Chris G. has partnered with the chefs at the Pine River-Backus school to put together a truly wonderful meal. They've tried to make sure their was a variety for all and this year is no different. Here are two soup recipes that you can whip up in your own kitchen to be ready for your in-home Back to Basics experience.

Cheese Soup

This one has it's varieties, and it can taste so many different ways, but this is one for those cold, "stay-inside" days. Chris says, "This bad boy has so many guilty pleasures in it, so it makes the perfect comfort food."

Potage St Germain

This is for those who want to avoid gluten but not sacrifice flavor. Potage St Germain is basically a thick pea soup with a few other ingredients to add a bouquet of flavor. You may have had something similar, a split pea soup which bases its flavor on salted meat and peas. This recipe will turn out a little thinner, but you can cut it with chicken broth to thin it out. It's a delight any way you make it!


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