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The Power of Change - Workshops

Workshops are limited in capacity. Register early to guarantee your spot in a workshop. Your spot cannot be reserved until your payment has been received. We will update this list when a session is full and no longer available for registration. *Please note: single (1-hour) workshops run concurrently with double (2-hour) workshops. When you're ready, register online!




Single Session 1 (10:15 - 11:15)

S1. Introduction to Chair Yoga - Bryana Cook, Northern Namaste Yoga  Workshop FULL

Curious? Try it! Chair Yoga is popularized as an accessible way to practice yoga. Yoga’s many health benefits appeal to the masses as it sharpens the mind, builds strength, increases flexibility, reduces stress/anxiety/depression, and helps one gain body/mind awareness. Contrary to popular belief, flexibility is NOT a requirement! All you need to participate is to dress comfortably and bring an open mind. Yoga is for everybody. Come as you are.


S2. How to Garden as if Your Life Depended on It - Kathy Connell, Redfern Gardens  Workshop FULL

We will be looking at the many reasons gardening can affect one’s life in positive ways and why, in these changing times, gardening could be vital. We’ll discuss methods and resources that could assist a family in achieving food self-sufficiency.


S3. Supporting Organic Gardening & Farming - Bill Dumke; Jim Chamberlin, Happy Dancing Turtle

Join us for a discussion on soil, food, and health. Learn the basic practices and science behind organic food production, building healthy soil, and why it matters.


S4. Riding the Wild Currents of Aging - Theresa Eclov, Faith in Action for Cass County; Sarah Melberg & Rachel Huntington, Good Samaritan Society; Natalie Brown, Heartland Hospice

We are all coping with life’s transitions as we age and are living longer. Learn how to plan ahead for retirement and beyond. Are there planning guides? What options are there for housing, home care, and community support? What happens if there is a crisis? And just what is hospice? Bring your questions for our discussion panel. Rural Minnesota is a great place to age among friends.


S5. Growing Hemp in Minnesota - Zachary Paige, White Earth Natural Resource Department

This workshop will talk about the challenges and successes of growing industrial hemp in Minnesota in 2017. We’ll discuss how to grow hemp in 2018 and the legal issues, production, and marketing.


S6. Numerology: It's All in the Numbers! - Becky Steinhoff, Ancient Wisdom Healing Arts2016-01-23-112320

Learn how to use Pythagorean Numerology to find your own unique destiny according to your full birth name and birthdate. You will learn your life path number and what it means for you and also your destiny number, your passion and purpose for this lifetime.


S7. PFM by PTM - Daniel Steward, MN Board of Water & Soil Resources

Private Forest Management by Prioritize, Target and Measure methodology. Landowners can choose from a suite of PFM options to protect their forests. Private forests provide water quality benefits to our lakes, as well as important habitat for our wildlife.


S8. Before Beginning Beekeeping - Ed Waggoner, Mann Lake Ltd.

Join us to obtain a basic understanding of honey bees. We’ll cover different equipment sizes, hive components, and how to select a proper hive location (where and why), and how much time/money you can expect to spend.


Single Session 2 (11:40-12:40)  

S9. Beginning Seed Saving - Kathy Connell, Redfern Gardens

Understand the differences between open pollinated, hybrid, and GMO. Learn about the easiest plants to save seed from, how to understand objectives and selection, what is roguing, squash three ways, and more. Then, discuss specifics about seed saving with some of the most likely varieties to start with.


S10. Three Secrets to Reduce Stress at Your Desk - Dr. Bryan Hedlund, Hedlund Chiropractic

Learn some simple techniques to improve your health when sitting for a living. Discover why people are left with unnecessary stress, fatigue, and tension at the end of the day and what to do about it instead.


S11. Jam & Jelly Production: Simple to Complex - Dawn Molaison, Boondock Enterprises

Jams and jellies are an easy, delicious way to preserve the bounty of fresh fruits we are blessed with throughout the season. We will go over the very simple process of jam making and discuss troubleshooting methods that result in jars of goodness, quickly consumed by family and friends. We will take the basic recipes a step further and you will be introduced to recipes with a more exotic twist - and of course there will be samples to enjoy!


S12. Seven Attitudes of Simplicity - Tony Noordmans, Coaching 4 Simple Joy

Discover and discuss the seven attitudes of a simple life. Consider the difference an attitude can make. Come and imagine what your life could look like...simplified.


S13. Participating in the Environmental Review Process - Melissa Peck & Will Seuffert, Environmental Quality Board

Citizens can participate in the environmental review process in a number of ways, including commenting on the environmental impacts of projects or petitioning for environmental review of a project. We will provide a brief explanation of the environmental review process and how citizens can get involved, followed by an activity demonstrating how to most effectively contribute to the process.


S14. Personal Wellness Spa - Stacey Quade, Energy for Life Connection Workshop FULL

At-home techniques and treatments you can do to help yourself stay healthy and well. In this hands-on class, participants will experience oil pulling, dry brushing, castor oil packs, beginner essential oil uses, and oshibori.


S15. Introduction to Mushroom Cultivation - Matt Ratliff, Ready-2-Fruit Mushrooms, LLC Workshop FULL

In this introductory class, we’ll cover many ways to grow multiple varieties of mushrooms. Leave this class with enough knowledge to use the material we have here in Minnesota to grow mushrooms at home!


Single Session 3 (1:00-2:00)

S16. Clean Water Critical Habitat: One Watershed, One Plan - Ally Garbe, Karen Swanson, & Lindsey Ketchel, Leech Lake Watershed Foundation

The Clean Water Critical Habitat Program is focused on protecting high priority critical fish bait and the surrounding watersheds in Minnesota’s North Central Lakes region by securing permanent conservation easements and fee title acquisitions. With strategic effort, it’s feasible to reach permanent 75% watershed protection. We are partnered with the Cass, Crow Wing, Hubbard, and Aitkin Soil & Water Conservation Districts.


S17. Getting Started with Bread Making - Erik Heimark, Maple Ridge Produce

Learn the ins and outs of bread making with freshly ground flour. Go home with recipes and techniques on how to make bread. This class will help you get over your fear of making bread so you can reap the delicious rewards!

S18. High Nutrient Maize for Poultry Palatability - Zachary Paige, White Earth Natural Resource Department, & Dr. Sue Wika, Paradox Farm Back to Basics Soap Making Class Pine River Minnesota

Two Minnesota farmers, Dr. Sue Wika and Zachary Paige, have grown and evaluated 20 lines of maize for high nutrient levels of carotenoids, amino acids - methionine and lysine, as well as yield, and earliness for Minnesota farmers. They have conducted a paired comparison palatability test with laying hens to see if the high nutrient corn is favored over conventional organic corn.


S19. Lower Your Carbon Footprint & Boost Your Budget - Kay Paulus

Does lowering your carbon footprint mean sacrificing lifestyle and comfort? Not at all! In this session, we will take a virtual room-by-room tour of a typical house. Drawing from actual changes adopted by an “average” Lakes Area family, we will discuss a variety of actions (large and small) you can take to save money and reduce your household’s impact on the environment.


S20. Educating Yourself: Keys to Lifelong Learning - Danny Pavek, Hunt Utilities Group

A survey of resources for educating yourself; whether you want to learn how solar panels work or improve your French there are resources available, you just need to know where to look! We will look at options such as: Khan Academy, TED Talks, YouTube, online classes, resources available through the public library system, and more!


S21. Exercise is Not Extra - Joseph Quade, Great Lake Therapies

Come learn how to find relief from neck, back, shoulder, and other joint pain, plus find more energy. Learn effective, safe exercises to enhance core strength, posture, flexibility, strength, and endurance, and how you can implement them into your daily routines like gardening, sitting in a desk, driving your car, being a parent, and doing housework.


S22. Soapmaking 101 - Abbie Schramm, B&B FarmCo

Homemade soap is better for your skin! You can use many skin-loving oils and other ingredients, such as goat’s milk, to help heal skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, and dry skin. This workshop will cover the ingredients, safety precautions, and process of making homemade cold process soap.


S23. Bookkeeping for Your Small Business - Gayle S. Wagner, CPA

The goal of this class is to enable the small business owner who is just starting out or is struggling with the details of bookkeeping. Participants will learn the basics of how to keep track of business expenses, what are business expenses, etc. without spending an inordinate amount of time and effort to do so. Every person and business is unique, and can create a system that organizes their business activities without unnecessary busywork.


Single Session 4 (2:20-3:20)

S24. The Power to Make a Difference: Solar Energy - Erica Bjelland, Rural Renewable Energy Alliance

Solar energy is being used throughout the world to not only meet our energy needs, but to address social inequity and fight rural and urban poverty. Come learn about innovative local and global examples of how clean energy is both figuratively and literally empowering economically disadvantaged communities!


S25. Nurturing the Spirit - Amy Donnan, Language of the Heart

This experiential workshop will introduce brief effective techniques for harnessing, calming, and directing our emotional energy. From a strong emotional base we live with purpose, accomplish goals, and create with satisfaction. Come to relax and feel inspired! Amy is a psychologist as well as a Reiki healer. Her Ojibwa name is Mushka wama Gud ode, Strong Heart.


S26. Natural Cleaning - Christine Jones, Pure Soap Flake Company Workshop FULL

Learn the basics of how to easily create natural and nontoxic cleaning solutions with common household products. Participants will leave with recipes, solutions, and samples.


S27. Maximize Your Hustle - Marina Lovell, Cass County Economic Development Corporation

In this hour, attendees will learn the skills necessary to ensure an impactful and profitable outcome as they explore their interests. Whether it’s making homemade soap, creating an off-grid community, or anything in-between, this session will provide the basic tools necessary for people to stop spinning their wheels and get serious traction.


S28. Simple, Sustainable Outdoor Cooking - Tony Noordmans, Coaching 4 Simple Joy Workshop FULL

Come to learn the basic skills necessary to use a dutch oven, cook with cast iron, and build/use a rocket stove. This will include a booklet with basic cooking instructions as well as recipes.


S29. Personal Wellness Spa - Stacey Quade, Energy for Life Connection Workshop FULL

At-home techniques and treatments you can do to help yourself stay healthy and well. In this hands-on class, participants will experience oil pulling, dry brushing, castor oil packs, beginner essential oil uses, and oshibori.


S30. Climate & Health in Minnesota - Kristin Raab, Minnesota Department of Health

Changes occurring in Minnesota’s climate are affecting our health and well-being and will have even greater impacts in the future. Climate change is expected to impact the frequency, duration, and intensity of rainfall events. This leads to issues with too much or too little water for Minnesotans. This session will cover the health impacts of changes in precipitation and water temperatures.


S31. Raised Bed & Self-Watering Container Gardening - Mark Schultz, Backwood Basics

Growing plants intensively in raised beds and containers increases productivity, reduces (or eliminates) watering, weeding, pest control, and tilling. It also allows anyone with a level surface in the sun to have a garden. This class is for those who want to garden and also want to enjoy time away from their garden.



Single Session 5 (3:45-4:45)

S32. Resources for Readers - Jenny Hill

This session will provide tips and resources to support your reading habit. Learn about free access to electronic books and magazines through your local library system and statewide. Discover the painless way to set up a book club. Find websites and book lists that will lead you to your next favorite author. Both online and traditional (i.e. paper) sources will be featured. Jenny Hill is an avid reader and has 17 years of experience working in libraries.


S33. Raised Bed Solutions for Soil Health & Landscaping - Amber & Ryan Hunt, Garden Circles Raised Beds

Love to garden but have poor soil, rabbits, gophers, or a sloped yard? Raised-bed gardening may be your answer. We will discuss examples of how raised beds have been used to overcome gardening challenges and make gardening easier and fun for all ages.


S34. The Art of Living Naturally - Christine Jones, Pure Soap Flake Company

We will explore wonderful ways to live more simply and naturally with solutions for everyday household problems. We’ll discuss how to want less, be more, and get what you really need!

Back to Basics Discussion Group Pine River Minnesota

S35. Creating Fresh Fruit Shrubs & Elixirs - Dawn Molaison, Boondock Enterprises Workshop FULL

Have you ever sampled a fruit shrub? No, we are not talking about a bush or plant. During the colonial period, shrubs would be made to further extend a fruit harvest and these delicious concoctions are making a popular comeback. A shrub is a concentrated syrup combining fruit, sugar, and vinegar, resulting in a sweet, acidic mixer that can be used in a variety of ways. We will go over processes and recipes for shrubs/elixirs - plus sampling.


S36. Homemade Joy - Beth Noordmans, Coaching 4 Simple Joy

How can we find a sense of joy in our day to day lives? How can we experience this joy when our present circumstances are tough? How can we find joy in the day to day tasks of taking care of our homes and families? Joy is a deep sense of pleasure and satisfaction in knowing and living according to your purpose. I can be joyful during the hard times because I am living according to my values and priorities and I have hope for the future.


S37. Sustainable Angling - Dan Ryan, Dan Ryan Guide Service

Learn about a local food resource that is more fun than a trip to the grocery store! Our fisheries provide ample opportunities to supplement your protein intake. This session will focus on responsibly harvesting fish, as well as tips on catching, storing, and preparing a great meal while taking care of our fisheries.


S38. Our Off-Grid Life - Luke & Abbie Schramm, B&B FarmCo

Luke, Abbie, and their sons live and farm off-grid in Pequot Lakes, with power run mostly from their self-installed solar system. Starting their off grid adventure in 2015, their resilient lifestyle has been a learning experience that is both challenging and rewarding. Luke and Abbie will share their story and answer questions about their off-grid life.


S39. Horses & Healing with a Trauma Focused Lens - Sara Sherman, Discovery Horse

You’ve heard the quote about the outside of a horse being good for the inside of man? Discover how incredibly true that quote is while we look at horses and healing through a trauma lens that focuses on the safe, connected relationships that should ideally be available to everyone.



Double Session 1 (10:15-12:40) with 25-minute break 

D1. Winter Gardening with Hydroponics - Rebecca Bronder & Jake Powers, Central Lakes College

This introduction to hydroponics is for the home gardener. Three basic systems will be covered. Bring a clean, food-grade 5 gallon bucket and leave with plants to grow at home. Participants will measure the pH of water samples and learn why this is good to know.


D2. Seven Steps to a Passionate Life - Michelle Oie, Michelle Oie SpeakingBack to Basics Pillow Making Class Pine River Minnesota

Why do you feel like something is missing in your life? Rediscover the passion you have inside you! This workshop guides you through seven steps to living a life of passion once again. It includes motivational instruction, insightful group discussion, and detailed worksheets to empower you. You will have plenty to think about when you leave. The next step is up to you!


D3. Emotionally Supportive Communities - Sara Sherman & Matt Schwab, Discovery Horse

Emotionally Supportive Community ~ Do you live in one? Do you know where one exists? Can you define the parameters? Why is it important? During this 2-hour group experience we will explore the concepts of an Emotionally Supportive Community while we practice creating one with each other! Sara Sherman is the founder of Discovery Horse where an emotionally supportive community is fostered by practicing safe relationships with self and others.



Double Session 2 (2:20-4:45) with 25-minute break

D4. Drought Proofing Your Property - Ryan & Megan Anderson, Terra Restoration

Water is one of the most important features when it comes to designing a sustainable property. Climate change is affecting our weather, namely more intense rain events happening less frequently. It is now more important than ever to harvest every drop. Join us as we help you identify key areas, that with properly placed features, will allow you to collect and store water that will aid in drought proofing your property.


D5. Vision Boards - Amy Hartwell

Help shape your future by channeling the Law Of Attraction. This session offers the opportunity to create a personal vision board to focus on your goals for the coming year. Come ready to learn about how your energy can work for you! Participants are welcome to bring a favorite magazine (that you are willing to cut up) but there will also be plenty of supplies on hand.


D6. Hydroponic Food Production for Profit - Barry Thoele, Barry’s Cherries Hydroponic Produce

This workshop will cover how to build and maintain a working, scalable hydroponic system. We’ll discuss which plants to grow, different types of systems, winging it to fit your grow space, artificial lighting, and indoor vertical growing.

We hope to see you on Saturday, January 27th, 2018!!


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