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Presenter Registration

Registration to Be a Presenter Is Open!


​We offer single (1-hour) and double (2-hour) workshop sessions covering a wide range of sustainability and resilient living topics. These include, but are not limited to, gardening & agriculture, cooking & preserving, healthy eating, livestock raising, personal health & wellness, energy efficiency, mindfulness, DIY & crafts, sustainable homes & practices, hobbies, & entrepreneurship.


We simply could not do this event without the wonderful people who are willing to share their time and knowledge! Do you have information related to sustainability and/or resilient living you would like to share? Consider presenting a workshop at our 2023 event! Find out more information about presenting by reading our Presenter Guidelines. You can also email us your suggestions for workshop topics or presenters at Presenter registration can also be mailed in by printing off the form here and sent to the address at the bottom of the form. 

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