Driftless Region

A member of the HDT team recently relocated to the Winona, MN area and took Happy Dancing Turtle with her! We are excited to be extending our reach into a second location – the Driftless Region. Nora will be returning to the Pine River location frequently during the summer before putting her whole effort into working to fulfill our mission in southeastern Minnesota and western Wisconsin. She will be promoting sustainable living through a variety of outreach and educational activities. You can follow our Driftless Region activities on our new Facebook page.


Events in the Driftless Region 

swml-logo-2015-FINALLocated at the Trempealeau Library:

Thursday, July 19th - 10:00-11:30am -  Join us at the Trempealeau Library for an exciting morning learning about insects! Bruce the Bug Guy will be there with live insects! Following his presentation, we'll learn about the different parts of an insect by turning someone from the audience into a beautiful butterfly! Can you guess how?! End the morning by creating your own "creepy" crawlie or butterfy to take home! 

Fish Frenzy - Thursday, August 16th - 6:30-8:00pm - Fish are way cooler than we give them credit for! Learn about the parts of a fish as we turn one of YOU into a fish! Afterwards, we'll turn old pop cans/bottles into neat fish crafts & fishing poles! 

Sustainable School days - Thursday, August 23rd - 6:30-8:00pm - Come test your sustainability knowledge in a short family-friendly jeopardy challenge! You'll get some tips & tricks for returning to school more green than ever before! We'll wrap up with some DIY Back to School projects for both kids & adults! 





Nature Club - First Thursday of the Month - 3:00-4:30pm - HDT Driftless is offering a once a month after-school club in collaboration with the Trempealeau Public Library. We'll learn about plants, animals, and the rest of the environment through a variety of activities, games, STEM challenges, books, crafts, and more! More importantly, kids will also learn how to be good stewards for the natural resources we learn about! 

There are numerous benefits to time spent outdoors and playing in nature. We will try our best to spend part of EVERY class session outside, no matter the weather! Please make sure your child is prepared for the weather! 




Turtle Treks:

Happy Dancing Turtle is excited to offer another summer of overnight camping opportunities for kids! These camping trips provide youth with a chance to visit parks across the state. Through Turtle Treks, children have the opportunity to experience the ins-and-outs of camping while building friendships and enjoying the great outdoors! Youth learn vital camping skills, such as how to set up tents, how to make a fire (and cook over it!), and Leave No Trace responsibilities, as well as information about Minnesota's natural resources! We talk about Minnesota's land, water, plants, animals, and the night sky while kids are entertained with games, lessons, activities, songs, riddles, and stories.

memberimageashxThis summer, the Driftless Region is teaming up with the main location to bring kids to Forestville Mystery Cave State Park! 

Tuesday, August 14th - Thursday, August 16th; for Girls entering Grades 5-8 

Join Michelle, Nora, & Ellie for a three-day, two-night trip to southern Minnesota! We'll visit Historic Forestville, a restored 1800s village operated by the Minnesota Historical Society. Then we'll head underground to check out the stalactites, stalagmite, and underground pools of Mystery Cave. We'll explore the woods, rivers, and bluffs as we learn about the natural history of the area!

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Coming Soon - Check back for more information!

 Birding for Beginners - Winona Community Education Fall Course


Why Driftless?

The Driftless Region is an area of southeastern Minnesota, southwestern Wisconsin, northeastern Iowa, and northwestern Illinois that was untouched by glaciers during the last ice age. This means it is free from the glacial drift, (sediment deposits) that were left behind to cover much of the rest of the Midwest during the last glacial retreat. This area lays claim to an incredibly dierse topography, bountiful natural resources, unique and important ecocystems, and a high concentration of organic farms. We are excited to build our connections as we extend our outreach in this area of the Midwest!








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