Group Programming

Jim Chamberlin leads a tour through one of our Hoop HousesActivities - Happy Dancing Turtle offers hands-on activities and games for groups of all ages.

Presentations - Happy Dancing Turtle staff will introduce you to the concept of resilient living and the Hunt Utilities Group Campus with informative and interactive presentations.

Tours - Group tours include a basic overall tour of the HUG Campus, and may also include topic presentation or hands-on activities.  We customize tours and activities to fit group size, age, season, and interest.  For group tours we charge $2/person for the tour plus an additional $1 per person, per educational activity. Tours must be scheduled in advance! Contact 218-587-2303 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



School Programs


BarbVermicompostingsmallHappy Dancing Turtle works with schools to supplement existing curriculum content related to environmental sustainability.  Our staff is available to meet with curriculum coordinators, teachers, staff, and superintendents to discuss what Happy Dancing Turtle can offer educationally, including the use of the Hunt Utilities Group Resilient Living Campus as a learning resource.  HDT also offers in-service workshops and presentations for educators and administrators.



CathedralHSEcologyClasssmallServing Pre-K-12 classrooms, Happy Dancing Turtle staff offers activities covering a variety of sustainable living topics such as: recycling, composting, insects, pond life, papermaking, orienteering, water cycle, trees and much more.  We tailor our lessons and materials to fit each teacher's individual needs and incorporate hands-on and outdoor components into our lessons.

Teachers interested in taking a field trip are welcome to visit the Hunt Utilities Group Resilient Living Campus where Happy Dancing Turtle staff will lead students on a tour of the campus.  Hands-on activities enhance the experience.

Schoolwide Programs

We develop and participate in schoolwide programs such as Zero Waste Day, Arbor Day, Earth Day, Wellness Fairs and other events related to sustainable living.  We are also available to offer assistance in implementing schoolwide programs such as recycling, composting, gardening, etc.  Happy Dancing Turtle offers classes through Community Education for both children and adults.





The local foods movement is growing rapidly within the central region of Minnesota and throughout the state. The number of food hubs is expanding, led by SPROUT MN who is in the midst of moving to a substantially larger facility in Little Falls. At the core of this study is a determination of the best/sustainable role in contributing to this movement and the expanding distribution network that is connecting growers and consumers with desired produce and/or food products. The key question in defining that role: Is a facility for value-added production, operating in conjunction with a Local Food Innovation Center in Pine River, technically feasible and economically viable?


The entire feasibility study is available by following this link to our Google Docs. This document is quite large (roughly 20MB) and weighs in at over one hundred pages. But, inside you'll find a comprehensive understanding of what central MN needs are concerning growers, food distribution, and the current infrastructure in place.

If you're interested in the methodology and footwork behind the study, make sure to take the time to read it. However, if you want to simply know what we found out, you can read about the key takeaways from the study right below:

1) A Key finding of the study was that investment in an additional processing facility in the Pine River area was premature given the inventory of commercial kitchens/processing facilities potentially available.

2) Other services and shared-use infrastructure was determined to have valid potential including machinery, product storage, marketing efforts, grant and loans writing/technical assistance and access to land.

3) The possibility of a "Grower Incubator" has validity. This would serve to create an environment that would foster the ability of growers to increase their knowledge base and skills on everything from business literacy to production methods.



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