Video is just one of the tools that Happy Dancing Turtle uses to help teach about sustainability and resilient living. Here are a few hand-picked spots for you to peruse. If you'd like to see our full selection of videos, you can check out our page on YouTube. We're always adding something, so be sure to check often.

Abbie Schramm milking a goat Resilient Living MN   B&B Farm Co.       (3Min.)
Barry Thoele's hydroponic lettuce Resilient Living MN Barry's Cherries   (4min.)
Jim Fruth picking fruit at his orchard Resilient Living MN Brambleberry Farms (3Min.)
John Jansen walking in his hoop house Resilient Living MN
Brambling Rows  (3Min.)
Duluth Grille garden in their parking lot Resilient Living MN  Duluth Grille        (4Min.)
Paul Hunt in his water cleaning room Resilient Living MN Hunt Utilities Group (4Min.)
Solar installers for RREAL Resilient Living MN RREAL                (3Min.)
Kent Solberg on his farm Resilient Living MN Seven Pines Farm   (3Min.)
A normal return for the Sprout CSA Resilient Living MN SPROUT MN (3Min.)
The Farm on St Mathias Resilient Living MN The Farm on St. Mathias (3Min.)
Jim and Dave collect honey from one of our hives Honey Harvest at HDT (4Min.)
Jim Chamberlin demonstrates how to use a scythe Hand Scythe Demonstration (2Min.)
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