Let's Talk About Some Cool Earth Facts!



  1. The speed at the Equator and Poles of Earth are different! - When standing on the equaotr, you would be moving at 1,000 miles/second. However, if you stand at either of the poles, you would be stationary. Cool, right?
  2. Our planet isn't a perfect globe. - But, it's pretty close. There's a small difference (only 13 miles) between the distance from the center of the Earth to the equator and the distance from the center of the Earth to the poles. 
  3. The Earth is extremely old! - Research calculates that our planet Earth is about 4.54 billion years old.
  4. The longest mountain chain is actually in the ocean! - To find the world's longest moutain range, you'd have to be able to breathe underwater. Called the mid-ocean ridge, this moutain range made of many volcanoes, is over 40,000 miles long and peaks are on average of 3 miles high.
  5. Mount Stromboli is the most active volcano, though. - Off the west coast of Italy, you'll find the most active volcano. It's been erupting continuously for over 2,000 years. It has the nickname of "The Lighthouse of the Mediterranean."
  6. Trees are breathing giants! - When we think about big life, we don't usually think about trees, right? But, the General Sherman giant sequoia tree is the largest know stem tree by volume on the planet. The trunk contains more than 52,000 cubic feet of wood. That's enormous! But, it's not the largest living thing on the planet...
  7. That would be a mushroom! - Measuring over 2.4 miles across in the Blue Mountains of Oregon, USA is a fungus called Armillaria solidipes. It's also very old, reaching between 1,900 and 8,650 years old. (Wow!)armillariasolidipes
  8. The Dead Sea is the lowest point on land. - It can be reached pretty easiliy, though. The sea is an amazing 1,388 feet below sea level. Since it's super salty, you would float right on the surface.
  9. Earth is extremely active! - Earth has over 8 million lightning strikes a day! That's amazing, especially when you count that on average, only 650 people are hit by lighting a day.
  10. Bright shiny day! - The Earth is 93 million miles away from the Sun. Over that great distance, it takes sunlight to reach us over 8 minutes later. What a distance!
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