Topic of the Month - Get Outside for Summer!


The Great Ice Cream Road Trip

schoolhousecoopFor those of you that have a sweet tooth, this is the best way to indulge. The Great Ice Cream Road Trip will give you a chance to indulge at six different ice cream shops with stops spread out over 150 miles. Starting on the east side of the Twin Cities in St. Croix, the trail loops south and east into Afton, Farmington, Rochester, and finishes in Lanesboro. At each stop, you have the chance to experience a new homemade flavor of ice cream. Talk about sweet memories.



Bike Trails for All Levels

Cuyuna2637Living directly on one of the longest paved trails in Minnesota has spoiled me. If I wanted to ride my bike to work (Brainerd to Pine River), I could do so without touching a road. The Paul Bunyan trail is a beautiful, easily rode trail that welcomes beginners (with flat surfaces and easy grades) and experts (for those that want to bike over 100 miles in a day). But, Minnesota has many more trails to offer. Are you looking for a short 19 mile ride following the contours of a gentle river? You can’t go wrong with the Cannon Valley Trail. Are you looking for a more exciting jaunt? Check out the Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Trails. There is huge buzz for what is happening in Crosby/Ironton area. The little town is experiencing a renaissance, of sorts, that all began when the mine pits (through which the Cuyuna area was formed) were discovered to be perfect for mountain biking. Give them a try!


Food For Miles

farmersmarketpicsmallAccording to Minnesota Grown, there are 184 farmers markets locations all throughout the state. If you did the math, you would find that there are 84 days in our summer. It may put a damper of some of the other experiences you could do during the summer, but if you were committed you would be able to peruse over two markets a day. You could find ingredients for a locally made salad for lunch and then buy new ingredients for a locally made dinner in the evening.






Festivals For Weeks

Here’s a small list of festivals all around Minnesota. You can find a lot more at Only in Your State.

nisswastammenDew Days – Farmington – June 11-15
Bullhead Days – Waterville – June 8-10
Agate Days – Moose Lake – July 13-14
Festival of the Voyageur – Pine City – September 21-22
MN Garlic Festival – Hutchinson – August 10
Potato Days- Barnesville – August 23-24
Bean-Hole Days – Pequot Lakes – July 16-17
King Turkey Days – Worthington – Sept 13-14
Corn Capital Days – Olivia – July 22-28
Dam Festival – Little Falls – June 14-15
Summerfest – Pine River – July 24-28




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