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The Power of Change - Workshops

Workshops are limited in capacity. Register early to guarantee your spot in a workshop. Your spot cannot be reserved until your payment has been received. We will update this list when a session is full and no longer available for registration. *Please note: single (1-hour) workshops run concurrently with double (2-hour) workshops. When you're ready, click here to register online!


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Single Session 1 (10:15 - 11:15)

S1. Natural Cleaning - Christine Jones, Pure Soap Flake Company FULL - Registration Closed

Learn how to bathe, clean, & launder naturally with everday ingredients found in your home! We will make easy cleaning recipes & samples to take home.

S2. Intro to Seed Libraries - Barbara Kaufman, Pine River Seed Library

What are seed libraries & how do they work? We will discuss seed libraries in general, with a brief history & description of how they function. Pine River will have its own seed library open for the 2017 growing season, available to all who want to use it. We will talk about how it will be set up & ways you can participate in this community endeavor.

S3. Folk Remedies & Elixirs - Kris Kayser, Stone Woman Herbals FULL - Registration Closed

Participants will talk about elixirs & cures from days of old, discuss maladies & remedies from times gone by, & see what folk medicines are still in use today or are making a comeback. There will be several samples of some old & new remedies, along with the opportunity to make a remedy to take home.

S4. Healthy Lifestyle - Deanna Olson, DO Balanced Wellness & Shanna Davis, Fortress Fit

This workshop will focus on health & wellness to provide you with a complete picture of health as it relates to mental fitness, balanced nutrition, & an active lifestyle. We will shed light on how to make healthy lifestyle choices with educational resources & hands-on elements for active learning. We want to provide you with an environment of balance to achieve success! Our objective is to motivate & inspire you to set healthy lifestyle goals!

S5. Winter Cleanse & Detox - Stacey Quade, Energy for Life Connection

Learn how to improve your immune system, metabolism, & wellness all winter long in a safe, gentle, & supportive way. What makes a good cleanse? What happens during the cleansing process? It’s not just physical. Do you need to do a full cleanse or just modify nutrition & habits? Learn about different detoxifying foods, herbs, & techniques that are easy to incorporate into your daily life. We’ll also cover easy ways to use castor oil.Back to Basics classroom Pine River Minnesota

S6. It’s All Energy - Becky Steinhoff, Ancient Wisdom Healing Arts/Mystical Deva

We will talk about what energy is & how it affects us on a physical, emotional, & spiritual level. Energy can be beneficial or non-beneficial. I will demonstrate how energy can be either/or & show how you can change or redirect it. We will talk about the Law of Attraction & how thoughts are energy, so we want to think good ones!

S7. Intro to Beekeeping - Ed Waggoner, Mann Lake Ltd. FULL - Registration Closed

Join us to obtain a basic understanding of honey bees. We’ll cover different equipment sizes, hive components, & how to select a proper hive location (where & why), & how much time/money you can expect to spend.

S8. What to Look for When Buying Sustainable Furniture - Allan Wiener, Down to Earth Wood

Have you wondered what to consider when shopping for a quality furniture item? This session will address many variables & considerations consumers should be aware of - from types of wood (density/hardness), finishes, & manufacturing, to life expectancy, cleaning, & maintenance. We’ll also cover off-gassing from glues & lacquers, how to identify veneers, & the differences between customizable pieces vs. ordering “off the shelf.”


Single Session 2 (11:40-12:40)   

S9. Essential Oils: Basics 101 - Pam Broekemeier, theHERBAL Cache  

What is an essential oil? How are they created? We’ll cover these questions & more, including proper dosage & application recommendations, benefits of using essential oils, & myths surrounding them.  

S10. Three Keys to Demolish Back Pain Naturally - Dr. Bryan Hedlund, Hedlund Chiropractic

During this hands-on workshop, you will learn one simple stretch that will boost your energy levels & reduce fatigue. You will learn two simple exercises that will make your back feel stronger & healthier! If you use what you learn in this workshop, you will have less pain, more energy, feel stronger, & be prepared to have more fun in the spring & summer months ahead!

S11. Read to Write: Resources to Hone Your Practice - Jenny Hill, MFA in Creative Writing FULL - Registration Closed

Whether you are just developing your writing practice or could use a jump start on a long-term project, find tools that will bring positive change to your writing routine. Focusing primarily on fiction writing, internet resources & prompts will be shared, as well as an annotated list of books on craft with examples. Please note that this session focuses on the writing itself, not the publishing process.

S12. Tea Brewing: Remedy & Pleasure - Kris Kayser, Stone Woman Herbals

What’s your Tea Type? Participants will learn about types of tea, what their personal tea type is, using tea as a home remedy, & even using tea for bath & beauty. Please bring your favorite tea cup.

S13. The Basics of Jam & Jelly Making - Dawn Molaison, Boondock Enterprises

Jam & jelly making for beginners! Learn the differences between jams, jellies, butters, & marmalade as we go through ingredients, processing steps, & safety procedures. I’ll share some hints to making a tasty jar of jam/jelly, as well as recipes to our top selling jams. I’ll show you how much fun it is to “tweak” a basic fruit jam recipe. Time permitting - we’ll have samples to taste & discuss herbal fruit syrups & shrubs.

S14. Help Me Sleep! - Stacey Quade, Energy for Life Connection

We will identify common factors that keep you from sleeping well, obtain information for changing activity/sleep patterns, & learn about herbal nervines (herbs that support & calm your nervous & endocrine systems) that can help you sleep better, feel more rested, & be less stressed.

S15. The Basics of Keeping Chickens - Eric & Laura Stromberg, Stromberg’s Chicks & Gamebirds

In this workshop we will discuss the very basics of keeping chickens, from preparing for baby chicks to keeping adult laying hens & meat birds. This session will provide an introduction on what to feed them, how to water them, their basic health & housing needs, & the essential equipment items you’ll need for success!

S16. Tomatoes: Seed to Saucepan - JoAnn Weaver

Though technically a fruit, they are often thought of as a vegetable - tomatoes are good to eat & good for you. This presentation will address planning, planting, growing, maintenance, care, harvest, & kitchen preparation. The “perfect” tomato is within your reach!


Single Session 3 (1:00-2:00)

S17. Yoga 101 - Bryana Cook (RYT-200), Northern Namaste Yoga

Learn a brief history of yoga & how it has evolved into the Americanized versions we see today. This ancient practice continues to grow in popularity across the US. There are many wellness benefits to yoga. Come learn why one might want to start a practice & how it may benefit your health. Participate in gentle breathing exercises & a little movement too!

S18. Equine Holistic Wellness - Juanita Dice

Come learn about wellness options, including holistic care & husbandry of all classes of horses. Additionally, we’ll discuss natural feeding options & resources, holistic care practices, alternative & integrative therapies, & more.

S19. Homespun Maple Syruping Made Easy - Jim Fruth, Brambleberry Farm

There are 5 varieties of maple trees that provide maple sap here in Minnesota. You can collect sap & process maple syrup using only items found nearby - you may not have to buy anything! Learn how to identify kinds of maples, when & how to tap trees, what to use for taps & buckets, ways to process sap, finishing & storing syrup, how professionals do it, & more.

S20. Drying & Canning as Simple Ways to Improve Your Diet - Sue Peterson, Azariah Acres Farm & Julie Matvick, KISS FarmBack to Basics Soap Making Class Pine River Minnesota

Having readily available healthy snacks & meal components is an ongoing challenge. Two time-proven food preservation methods are drying & canning. These techniques allow you to preserve the abundance of high quality produce seasonally available for year round enjoyment. This workshop gives detailed ideas & information to prepare you for making better meal preparation choices.

S21. Soapmaking 101 - Abbie Schramm, B&B FarmCo.

Homemade soap is better for your skin! You can use many skin loving oils & other ingredients, such as goat’s milk, to help heal skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, & dry skin. This workshop will cover the ingredients, safety precautions, & process of making homemade cold process soap.

S22. The Perfect Life - Gail Smith

This presentation looks at the mind, body, & spirit components of the perfect life & what factors to consider in creating a more perfect life. We’ll explore the concept of perfection & how it produces challenges when creating & enjoying life.

S23. Bookkeeping for the Small Business Owner - Gayle Wagner, CPA FULL - Registration Closed

If you are a small business owner struggling with the details of bookkeeping, this is the class for you. Learn the basics of how to keep track of business expenses without spending an inordinate amount of time & effort to do so. Every person & business is unique & can have a system that organizes their business activities without unnecessary busywork. You may bring specific questions to share with the class.


Single Session 4 (2:20-3:20)

S24. Essential Oils: Make & Take - Pam Broekemeier, theHERBAL Cache FULL - Registration Closed

Participants will receive a 30-minute learning session providing in-depth material on what essential oils are, safety measures, & how they can help you. In the last half, participants will have the option to make their own inhaler &/or roll on following various recipes. Costs for materials (payable to presenter at time of class) will be as follows: inhalers $4, roll-ons $8.

S25. Seed Saving - Geoff Davidge, Ideal Green Market Cooperative

Davidge has been gardening for over 50 years, learning throughout, & began seed saving in 2015. Connect to the past while learning about the value of genetic & cultural diversity. This session is appropriate for experienced gardeners & those just beginning. Seed Saving is something we can all share. Learn about getting started, planning our gardens, & “Green Dreaming”.

S26. Meditative Movements - Deborah Davis, Certified at Power of Positive Workouts

De-stress! Change begins within yourself. Relying on things outside of yourself produces illusion. Created by Ellie Peterson, meditative movements uses simple body movements aligned with the power of breath & spoken affirmations. A variety of standing & floor exercises are incorporated, so please bring a mat/blanket (some provided). Water is encouraged. Chairs will be provided for those preferring to be seated.

S27. Simple Steps to Clean Eating - Sue Peterson, Azariah Acres Farm & Julie Matvick, KISS Farm FULL - Registration Closed

We are surrounded by poor food choices every day. Eating in a healthy way doesn’t have to be difficult or overly time consuming. It does, however, require planning. This workshop gives detailed instructions & a basic format for avoiding the junk food aisle in favor of simple healthy food. Changing your reliance on prepackaged foods in favor of simple healthy alternatives is easier than you think!

S28. Farming Off-Grid: One Family’s Story - Luke & Abbie Schramm, B&B FarmCo. FULL - Registration Closed

Luke, Abbie, & their sons live & farm off-grid in Pequot Lakes, with power run mostly from their self-installed solar system. Starting their off-grid adventure in 2015, their resilient lifestyle has been a learning experience that is both challenging & rewarding. In this presentation, Luke &

Abbie will share their story & answer questions about their off-grid life.

S29. No Deer! Not My Garden Tonight! - JoAnn Weaver

Gardening in Minnesota is not for the faint of heart! You plant, you weed, & finally, you feel so good about the way your garden looks...then, one night the deer move in & it’s all gone. They take whatever they want, leaving you with a very forlorn & chewed up garden that’s no longer beautiful. This presentation will cover deer resistant plant selection, deer facts, & deer defense.

S30. Get Out of Your Own Way: Transform Your Emotions - Brenda Wiener, Pathways to Harmony

Learn the connection between your emotions & how your body responds physically. You no longer need to feel powerless & stuck. You will get hands-on practice during this workshop in several quick techniques that can change how you feel physically, mentally, & emotionally. You will leave with tools to use that keep you positive, filled with energy, & enthusiastic throughout your day!


Single Session 5 (3:45-4:45)

S31. Born of Nature: Chaga Tea Bob Bourn, Ideal Green Market Cooperative FULL - Registration Closed

Come join us to learn all about chaga, nature's superfood. We'll discuss what it is, how you can useit, & all the benefits it has to offer. Joinus at this information session to learn about & sample chaga.

S32. Garden Fertility - Kathy Connell, Redfern Gardens Produce FULL - Registration Closed

If you don’t want to use chemical fertilizers but feel your garden is not doing as well as it should, come explore how to bring fertility to your soil & more nutrients to your food.

S33. The Power to Make a Difference: Community Solar - Jason Edens & BJ Allen, RREAL; & Guest Panelist

Solar energy is being used throughout the world to not only meet our energy needs, but to address social inequity & fight rural & urban poverty. Come learn about three innovative local & global examples of how clean energy is both figuratively & literally empowering economically disadvantaged communities! All three panelists are working to create a brighter future with solar energy. This session will brighten your day!

S34. Turning Your Passions into Income - Dawn Molaison, Boondock Enterprises FULL - Registration Closed

This session is for those who are interested in making a little income (or a living) selling what you have grown, harvested, manufactured, & created. We will discuss some of the basic rules & regulations; including the new Cottage Food Licensing, selling at markets, shows, boutiques, & online. I hope to help you find the best venue when trying to sell your product & share some hard-earned lessons we have learned along the way.Back to Basics Discussion Group Pine River Minnesota

S35. Creating a Capsule Menu for Your Family - Beth Noordmans

A capsule menu is a comprehensive meal plan for yourself &/or your family that can be repeated (generally every two to four weeks). This eliminates the need for meal planning each week & simplifies food prep & grocery shopping. Further benefits of a capsule menu come from planning “go-to” meals & dishes for all “food-related emergencies” like potlucks, gifting, parties, holidays, etc.

S36. Exercise is Not Extra - Joseph Quade, Great Lake Therapies FULL - Registration Closed

Are you ready for relief from neck, back, shoulder, & other joint pain? More energy? Learn effective, safe exercises to enhance core strength, posture, flexibility, strength, endurance, & pain-free movement. Recognize predominant postural patterns that you hold yourself in & change them in your daily routines in an easy & effective way.

S37. Horses & Healing in a Changing World - Sara Sherman, Discovery Horse

In 2015, Sara gave a TEDx talk that revolved around her personal story of horses & healing. As a result of this story, Sara has made it her life’s work to bring the healing power of horses to anyone interested. This session will offer you insight into the capacity horses have to invite healthy change into people’s lives with the ultimate goal of self-compassion. 


Double Session 1 (10:15-12:40) with 25-minute break 

D1. Solar 101 - Jason Edens, Rural Renewable Energy Alliance (RREAL)

This session will review various configurations of solar including a balanced discussion on Solar Air Heat, Solar Hot Water, & Solar Electric “PV”. Site assessment tools, including the Solar Pathfinder, will be introduced & we will talk about performing load analyses for best matching your needs with a solar system. We will also cover currently available incentives, estimated costs, & other costs/benefits associated with solar applications.

D2. Turn T-Shirts into Keepsakes - Linda McNamara

A memory quilt is a great way to preserve the many shirts we get from runs, walks, rides, & other events. By combining your t-shirt logos with good, woven cotton fabric & iron on backing, you can make a quilt that will be treasured for years. Demonstration & instructions for making a quilt will be included. Kits to make a pillow-top to practice the steps can be purchased from presenter for $5 (optional). Bring your own t-shirt for a personalized pillow-top.

D3. Simplicity Systems & Change - Tony Noordmans, Coaching 4 Simple JoyBack to Basics Pillow Making Class Pine River Minnesota

Exploring everyday simplicity & the impact it can have on your life is the focus of this workshop. We’ll look at defining everyday simplicity, everyday life systems & how to make them work for you, replacement thinking vs. consumer thinking, using technology to reduce clutter, giving yourself space, some recommended reading, & more!

D4. How to Find Your Passion in Life - Michelle Oie

Why do you feel like something is missing in your life? This workshop focuses on taking the three steps necessary to rediscover your lost passion that’s been a part of you since you were born! Workshop includes motivational instruction, insightful group discussion, & empowering worksheets. You will have plenty to think about when you leave. The next step is up to you!

D5. Change Your Story, Change Your Life - Sara Sherman & Matt Schwab, Discovery Horse

It’s a powerful claim...& it’s true. This interactive workshop will be run in circle format facilitated by Sara. Join us to take a deeper look at the stories that drive your decisions, your relationships, & your life. Sara is a master facilitator & Equine Gestalt Life Coach. Experience the power of your own story. Experience the power of change.


Double Session 2 (2:20-4:45) with 25-minute break

D6. Experience Permaculture Firsthand - Ryan & Megan Anderson, Terra Restoration

Are you new to the permaculture world? A seasoned dabbler? Join us for a quick overview of permaculture. Learn how to do a basic site assessment that you can take home & perform on your property right away! You’ll also get your hands dirty learning how to build a Huglebed & a “Back to Eden” style garden. If time allows we can also work on design elements for your home. You may want to bring a sketch of your property for reference.

D7. Fermentation - Steven Dahlberg, White Earth Tribal & Community College FULL - Registration Closed

Fermentation has been used by people all over the world to preserve food & to enhance its digestibility & nutritional quality. This workshop will introduce you to some of these traditions. We will cover vegetable, fruit, & dairy ferments, sourdough bread, & a variety of hard & soft beverages. We will make fermented ginger carrots to learn some basic techniques.

D8. This Very Moment - Mindfulness & Presence - Chris Fastner

“Mindfulness” gets lots of publicity these days. We’re told it can reduce stress, strengthen our immune system, & help us develop greater peace. How do I get some of that, right?! In this session we’ll discuss the practice, potential benefits & effort involved, the history & recent surge in interest, but, most importantly, we’ll practice some basic techniques so you can test drive it for yourself & see if there’s something there for you.

D9. Vision Boards - Amy Hartwell

Visualization is a very powerful tool. Creating a sacred space that displays what you want actually does bring it to life. What we focus on expands. When you create a vision board & place it in a space where you see it often, you essentially end up doing short visualizations throughout the day. Participants in this workshop will have an opportunity to set their intentions for the coming year & create a vision board to take home.


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