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Each of the books in this Ninisidawenimaag series guide the child on a wonderful adventure with Mother Earth, written in both the English and Ojibwe languages. Most of the Ojibwe phrases rhyme with an English phrase to help the reader pronounce the word. The images in these books were designed by kids, for kids. Adults will enjoy sharing these lessons about how our senses communicate with the natural world.



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The first book in the Ninisidawenimaag series, we focus on things you can SEE

Ninisidawenimaag: I See Many Things is the first book in a series using both the Ojibwe and English language to connect readers to the beauty around them. English phrases rhyme with Ojibwe words to help readers pronounce the Ojibwe words.

Profits from the sale of the book are dedicated to supporting programs that connect children to the Earth.





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