About Us

Mission: To build, demonstrate, and promote sustainable living in ways that are economically and ecologically practical.

Based in north central Minnesota, Happy Dancing Turtle, a member of the Resilient Living Council, is an operating nonprofit organization (501(c)3) focused on sustainable living. We seek to inspire and empower people to live more sustainable lifestyles through a variety of avenues including workshops, classes, collaborations, educational materials and tours. In our efforts to promote sustainable living we have focused our efforts in three key areas: Environmental Stewardship, Energy Conservation and Food & Water Security.


The Resilient Living Council is a catalyst for sustainable living, renewable energy, and high efficiency housing. It fosters entrepreneurship, innovation, and locally resilient economies; utltimately supporting a healthy quality of life.







We strive to abide to by the guidelines and organizational principals proposed by the Minnesota Council of Non-Profits.





This organization has earned the Guidestar Exchange Seal, demonstrating its commitment to transparency.